Travel with us to Mandirs, Gurudwaras and Buddhist Monasteries

Temples of Hinduism are concentrated around Murree Road in Rawalpindi and so are Parsi and Sikh ones too. Non-Muslim Population of Pakistan

The Amlok-Dara stupa is located in the Swat valley of Pakistan. It is a part of the civilization of Amluk-Gandharan Dara. The

Balo Kalay Buddhist stupa is a few kilometers from the ancient town of Bazira, Barikot Swat. It is now marked as the

Jahanabad Buddha of Swat is the second tallest illustration of Buddha Carved in rock anywhere in the world. The tallest one is

Sassi Da Kallara Hindu temple of Talagang, Chakwal was the last of the Hindu temples I had to cover as part of

Kot Fateh Khan in Attock is synonymous with the famous tent pegging champion Prince Malik Ata Muhammad Khan. I was more interested

Giri fort and Buddhist temple are nestled in the reverse face of the Margalla hills just across from Ban Faqiran Stupa in

At the Southern corner of the Buddhist archeological complex of Taxila lies the Kalawan Buddhist Stupa and monastery complex. Figure: Buddhist Stupa

Bhallar Buddhist Stupa is visible from far off across the Havelian rail bridge over river Haro, near Taxila. History of Bhallar Buddhist

Deep in the mountains of Kallar Kahar, just at the fringe of the Salt Range lies a dilapidated Malkana Hindu Temple from

Gurdwara Darbar Sahib is at the center of the Kartarpur Corridor that Pakistan magnanimously allowed Indian Sikhs to use, visa-free. It is

A road trip is the fastest way to get to the 1000 years old town of Makhad Sharif at the edge of